The Armaments of Garnoth: Resurgence

Session 3: Fjelmourne
The Festival of Souls

Our adventurers have arrived in the realm of Mentis and the great mountains lie before them. They are still following the trail of the mysterious Ixcanth, known as the Harbinger.

From far off, a few small villages can be seen in a loose arc around the entrance to a great pass, flanked by large hooded statues on each side.
Lights dance in the sky above the entrance to the pass and seem to follow along it.

Our adventurers find themselves entering a small village on the path to the pass, only a few miles away. A light snow is falling and they get the feeling that there are always a few inches of snow on the ground in a realm such as this one.

The days it took to cross the Plainslands have taken a toll on our adventurers and they are in dire need of new armor and a decent rest.

Into Thin Air
First steps...

Our adventurers have escaped the “prison” from where they woke up.

After being awoken by a mysterious creature, they fought their way through hordes of warforged in varying states of disrepair.

As they found their way to a tear in the dark steel walls, they found themselves upon the inert limb of an ancient colossus in close pursuit of the creature. As they stepped into the cold air of the outside world, a menacing figure clad in heavy dark plate followed to the threshold of the entrance. He appeared to be held back by some unknown force, as if bound to the tower itself.

Given no other option, our adventurers made their way down the long dead corpse of a titan of old…


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