The Krym

The Krym, or simply known as the Place Between, is the realm where it is believed all souls of the deceased must pass through before going to the Himútan, the Place Beyond, from the living world, or the Vaka. Very few have ever traversed the Krym and returned to the land of the living, so the stories regarding the Krym are very sparse and full of speculation.

The Function of the Krym

The Krym is said to the be the location where the Children of Garnoth actually reside. They influence the Vaka through embodiment of different beings to those they choose to reveal themselves to. When in the Krym, one sees the world but as a shadow of itself. The Krym has all of the physical features of Etrium, yet in a blurred and torn aspect. Time and space function differently in the Krym, allowing such spells as teleports, dimension doors, or any sort of ability utilizing the plurality of dimensions to function properly. The only materials that are impenetrable within the Krym is Primal Steel. The Krym is part of the foundation of all of existence, while Primal Steel are the most basic building blocks. Primal Steel cannot be broken, passed through, or altered in any way from within the Krym. Aeris Faber is the only place from within the Krym that is completely unaccessible.

Navigating and passing through the Krym is known to take a massive physical toll on any who attempt to. Find out more here: Navigating the Krym

The Godspoken

The Godspoken and the Krym have a unique bond that acts as the source of their century long immortality. When a Godspoken dies, they pass into the Krym as all mortals do but do not pass into Himútan. Their soul is recreated from the power of the weapons of the Godspoken and recreated within the Vaka. As their power grows, the Godspoken will be able to alter this process slightly from within the Krym and with each death may change an aspect of themselves.

The Krym

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