Fjelorg leads directly to the Mountain of Mentis, while also intersecting with various other mountain paths.

On both sides of the mouth of the path to Fjelorg stand the Guardians, two massive hooded stone figures carved into the sides of the mountain.
Legends say they judge all who pass beneath their gaze and cast them as worthy to pass or not.

The Guardians can be seen for miles around given their massive size.

Fjelorg is saturated with temporal energy.

At any point any large discharges of magical energy that occur between the great
walls of the pass will be captured and repeated endlessly through time.
Given the nature of the temporal fluctuations of the valley, spells can scatter throughout time and be released at different points in time.
Fragments of ancient or future spells can also appear at random while travelling through the valley, however this fragmentation only occurs when there is a focus of magical energy occurring.

During the festival of Fjelmourne, actual echoes of beings that were present during magical moments will be visible to any beings present in the pass.

Those who traveled the pass while during Fjelmourne may also be able to interact with these echoes from the past or future.

Some may even be hostile.


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