On the fifth cycle of each season of Andlat, heaven is said to come down and dance upon the earth.

Great lights will appear in the sky above the pass and shed their light upon the pass itself, bringing any string echoes from the pass into the visible spectrum.

During this time, the barriers between time are said to weaken and those who happen to be traveling through the pass may be able to interact with others doing the same.

The small towns that lie outside the mountain ranges have a long lasting tradition associated with this festival as well.
Before any citizens would go off to war or on a quest, they would go just beyond the mouth of the pass and carve a blood totem.
This blood totem was a small figure carved just on the skin of their chest and then the blood was placed into a spot on the ground, creating a seal.
Once this was complete, the practitioner would then be given the ability to speak through time, leaving a message or words of wisdom for any who chose to listen.
Though typically these messages were left for loved ones, these messages could be left for anyone who chose to hear them.

The ritual itself is actually an incredibly ancient form of necromancy that is self cast on the soul of the practitioner.
This is made possible through the bending of time that occurs in Fjelorg and is only possible to perform by ordinary beings during the Fjelmourne.
Though necromancy is generally frowned upon throughout Etrium, this ritual is so ancient and the intention behind it so benign that it is disregarded as true necromancy.


The festival of Fjelmourne is when citizens go to leave their mark or for beings to hear the messages left from the past.


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